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Paul Montgomery Performance

Training with Oliver

Oliver is an avid squash and paddle player. He wanted to be able to use gym-based training to supplement his sports on his own. However, he had little experience in a gym setting and needed direction.


Working with Oliver over a few months, through a variety of power and strength work that will carry over to his sports, he feels stronger, more agile, and previous injury worries are a thing of the past. More importantly, he now feels confident in his abilities in the gym and feels able to continue our work together on in his own.

Paul Montgomery Performance

Training with Julie

When I first met Julie, she had just come through an 8-week bed bound stint of COVID 19, had developed a painful stress fracture in her lower back and couldn't do a thing overhead for pain. We worked together over the following months, finding exercises she could complete comfortably and progressing them as and when was right for her. She put in 100% effort every time and was always striving to do better than last time, now at the point of even using barbells and such.

The results speak for themselves, she is back to being active, feeling healthy and as full of energy as she ever has been. She is back swimming, taking long walks and feel stronger than ever at her physical job and all of it pain free.

Paul Montgomery Performance

Training with Richard

Richard wanted to supplement his training for the triathlon. He was feeling fitter and stronger, hitting PB times. However, he suffered a bad ankle sprain from a fall while running and lower back strain at his job, happening in quick succession. We quickly pivoted training to deal with these injuries, with specific foot and ankle work and working the lower back at weights and ranges that were still comfortable.

Not only has he quickly regained strength but in guiding him through good and some bad days, he quickly regained his confidence in the movements and himself. The stage is set now to continue our progress and become stronger than ever.

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