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Athletic Development

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Paul Montgomery Injury Rehabilitation

Across my career I have aided many people, athletes and non athletes alike, in returning to fitness following injury.


I will support you step by step as you progress from the early stage rehab in creating and aiding you through a plan to get you back to fitness and confidence in yourself and your body.

Paul Montgomery Performance

I can help you

get back to fitness

Acute or chronic injury rehab

get back to fitness

Liaising with your chosen manual therapist, physio or otherwise to provide the best all-round care possible


returning to fitness following injury

Building strength and capacity again for sporting performance


Injury Rehabilitation

Help in overcoming the mental barriers and worries that come with injury


If you are someone who feels they need direction and support in returning to training from an injury and do not know where to start, then please get in contact and we can work through it together

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